新人声優にして女子高生の 言吹 心火(ことぶき しんか) と 群雲 早斬(むらくも さぎり。 そんな2人の真の姿は、女神に聖なる声を奉じて、妖怪と戦う――「天声の巫女」なのです! 萌え&百合&おっぱいをいっぱいに詰め込んだ 新時代の神仏妖怪絵巻 はじまります!!

Welcome to the Anime-Tamae! Website

Welcome to the “Anime-Tamae! Tensei no Miko” website! A web comic based on Japanese folklore, Shinto- & Buddhism. Shinka and Sagiri, the two heroines, protect people from vicious Yokai, while managing their life as high school students and pursuing a career as Anime voice actresses!

Yuri, Boobs, Booty, Yokai and Mythology… Anime-Tamae! has it all!



Special News!

Anime-Tamae! official site is renewed!!


あにめたまえ!天声の巫女 ◆漫画本編 Anime-Tamae! Tensei no Miko Episodes

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